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Inglorious Basterds 100

A Basterd's Work is Never Done

A Basterd's Work is Never Done
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IB_100 - A Weekly Drabble Community

Welcome to the Inglourious Basterds drabble community.
The goal of this community is to keep the creativity flowing
- if Quentin Tarantino's latest masterpiece has got your creative juices flowing,
this is the place to get your drabble on. Have fun!

How to Post

There will be a weekly prompt, posted by the mod (i.e. me) every Sunday - you can suggest your own prompt HERE (prompts are posted by the mod only, but that doesn't mean you can't bring in your own suggestions!).

Post your drabble or drabbles in a new post, like so:
Title: (If you want, give your drabble a title.)
Prompt: (List the prompt you're responding to with number and name, f.e. "Prompt #1: Blueberries")
Word count: (The word count, as the title of the community suggests, should be 100. If you go over a little, that's fine, but only exceed the limit by 50-100 words, if possible.)
Characters/pairings: (For example 'Stiglitz/Wicki', 'Eli/Brad', 'Nazi basterd number four', etc.)
Rating: (For example, PG-13 or NC-17 (keep to the established ratings, don't go inventing your own))
A/N: (If necessary, add author's notes, for example to include a warning regarding the subject matter.)

Optional: Disclaimer.
Disclaimers ("I own nothing, please don't sue") are added to fanfiction pretty much without exception. Drabbles aren't the same as a story of 1000 or more words, but you know. Better safe than sorry.

Please include tags of the prompt (Prompt + number:), your name (Author:), rating and pairing.


1. In terms of pairing and ratings, everything is allowed from FPS to RPS (within the fandom), from PG-13 to slash. If you don't agree with it, then you shouldn't be here.

2. Constructive criticism related to the writing is welcomed and encouraged.

3. Be nice and leave the drama for your mama - this is a friendly, creative community. If you do encounter a problem, contact the mod, let her solve things.
(What happens when someone creates a problem: you get one warning - if you continue to cause trouble or pick fights with other members, you're out)

4. When posting more than one drabble, or when you're posting a drabble with an adult theme, place your drabbles behind a cut.

5. Pay attention to ratings - by clicking the link to an adult post, you're confirming that you're old enough to read it.

6. Don't place community ideas or prompt ideas as a reply to another member's post. Send me a private message or post your prompt idea in the assigned post.

Creator and Moderator: stardust83
Layout and Visual Editing Goddess: subarashiine
Profile coding credit: nutty_musings